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Holiday Half-Off Plugins Sale

50% Off!

Our best savings of the year are back! From now until year-end, HELD OVER until further notice, all our VST/AU plugin products are HALF OFF or better! And you can save an additional $20 by purchasing them all together in our Make Me One With Everything Bundle!

All our products run as free demos, no time limits, you can even save and recall your work! So please download them ASAP and get working with them immediately. You just might find yourself wondering how you ever lived without them!

Our flagship product, the Poly-Ana virtual analog synthesizer (and her more affordable, interface-light, little sister, L’il) have continued to expand and improve over the years. You can also choose from many different Custom Skins or even make your own! They’re still the most hyper-real digital emulation of analog synthesis you’ve ever heard, are built with capabilities and interface focused on real-time performance, and include full MIDI Learn and support for multi-channel guitar controllers, polyphonic aftertouch/pressure and modern MPE capable controllers! And Poly-Ana isn’t just an instrument, it also comes with an included effect version, Poly-AnaFX. Not only will it let you process external sounds through Poly’s synth engine, but you can also use audio input to create Modulation Sources, a very powerful and rare feature! Poly-Ana & L’il Demos

Our SCAMP filter effect uses the same famous, brute-force, oversampled virtual-analog filter design found in the Poly-Ana synths and our free, NaiveLPF plugin. From auto-wah to unbelievable distortions and LFO effects, SCAMP has to be heard to be believed!

And our latest effect, Stunning Phaser, is still 60% off in its final Beta version. We’ll be adding presets and bringing Stunning to version 1.0 early in the New Year, so jump on this huge Buy-it-in-Beta deal before it’s too late! As with all our plugins, Stunning Phaser really stands out from the crowd, has some rare and never-before-seen features, and drips vintage authenticity! But don’t take our word for it, try it right now for free and hear for yourself!

Thank you to all our customers and fans! Have great, safe holidays, and we’ll be back in the New Year with some exciting news to share with you!

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