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  • Poly-Ana 1.4.0 VST/AU Released (2/23/2024)

    Yes, it’s been a while! For the longest time now we’ve had no bugs to fix (how many software developers can say that?), but we’ve recently received a couple of reports and have taken care of them in the 1.4.0 Update.

    Poly-Ana‘s more affordable but just as sound-capable little sister, L’il Poly-Ana, has also received the same fixes. If you haven’t taken Poly-Ana for a spin yet you owe it to yourself to try the most convincing analog synthesizer emulation going! She sports a huge, super-capable voice architecture in an intuitive, all-in-one-panel interface. You will immediately be reminded of the best features from the most famous synths of the classic analog era, plus a few you’ve likely never seen or heard before! And like all our products, Poly-Ana is free to try, no demo time limits, you can even save and recall your work – so download her and get going right now!

    Expect this to be the first of several coming updates, the next will likely add a few new convenience features as well. And remember, our Upgrade Protection Policy means that your license will not only work with Poly-Ana 1.x, but with the entire 2.x series as well! View the Changelog history and you’ll see that we are serious about supporting our products and our customers in the long term.

    Emanuele Ballasina, One Synth Challenge entry, 100% Poly-Ana – even the drums!

    More Poly-Ana/L’il Poly-Ana demos…

    Next up from the Admiralty, The Stunning Phaser 1.0 release is finished and ready for packaging! Grab it fast to catch the final days of the 60% OFF deal while still in Beta. (Note that the current 0.5.2 Beta version is version 1.0 and is fully functional and sounds AMAZING, it’s just lacking the presets that will be included in the upcoming 1.0 release.) Or check out our Make Me One With Everything bundle offer and save $20 while having it all!

    Poly-Ana Custom Skins
    Poly-Ana Custom Skins – choose your favorite or even make your own!
    Maestro Mistheria demos the Poly-Ana virtual-analog VST/AU plugin softsynth. She’s even more capable now than she was back then!

    As always, we welcome inquiries by email, so let us know if you have any questions or requests, and the Admiral himself will get right back to you!

  • Admiral Quality Ends Long Term Support for Apple Platforms (1/9/2021)

    Please note: All of our products are still available in VST and AU formats for OSX and are verified working on all versions. They should continue to work until Apple makes a change that breaks them. (If you’re using a recent OSX version you will likely need to use this method to enable them: As always, we recommend you download, install and thoroughly test our products before purchasing them. All of our products run in a free demo mode with no time limits, you can even save and recall your work!)

    We regret to have to announce that Admiral Quality will no longer be producing OSX versions of our #VST/AU #plugin products in the long-term, folks. Sorry, but we can no longer afford to do business with Apple, neither financially nor morally. This has been a long time coming and GOOD RIDDANCE!

    We will continue to make the existing downloads available for our customers as long as they continue to work on all Apple platforms, but once they abandon the current format we can no longer afford to keep up. Sorry, we’re a small company and Apple’s constant intentional and needless changes create far too much unnecessary work and cost for us. They did this to you, not us. We were wrong to support their platform in the first place and we apologize. (Your existing license key-files will work on Windows too. Contact us if you need them sent to you again.)

    Update: If you’d like to know more about what we’re so unhappy about, please review this article. This is only half of it though, the other part is the constant breaking of applications with unnecessary operating system updates designed to force users to pay again for products they already bought. A game we refuse to play along with. (We’ve been doing this since 2007 and have yet to ask our customers to buy the same products again. And we have an Update Protection Policy that means it will be a long time before we ever do!)

  • One last new feature! Stunning Phaser Beta version, 0.5.2, released! (11/28/2018)

    Stunning Phaser 0.5.2
    Stunning Phaser 0.5.2


    Stunning Phaser Beta 0.5.2 is released, adding one final new feature — an adjustable soft-clipper for the Resonance signal. Many users were finding settings with Resonance set near maximum to be producing excessive and hard to manage peak levels. The new Resonance Clip control defaults to applying a non-linear distortion that clips at +24 dB to the Resonance signal, keeping its level in the range of sanity. This is done at the expense of some distortion applied to the resonance, but that’s perfectly typical of the behavior of analog phasers that allow Resonance to be set to full oscillation levels as well. Clip point can be adjusted anywhere between 0 dB and +24 dB (the lower you set it the more distortion will necessarily be applied to the Resonance). If you want the unclipped Resonance behavior of previous versions, just turn that knob fully counterclockwise to disable the new feature.

    Stunning Phaser is now feature-complete. All controls, behaviors, and sound are now locked-down, allowing us to re-visit the graphics for a ground-up complete re-do (very clearly needed at this point, we had no idea just how big this product would grow when we started!) in preparation for the release of version 1.0. We’ll also be adding some preset patches and a user manual, but as far as sound and behavior goes, this is the final product. (Just like our other products, we do expect to continue to grow it and add more features, but we never break existing behaviors or sound once version 1.0 has been released so you never need to fear a future update changing the sound of one of your music projects.) Those tasks are already mostly complete and we don’t expect it will be much longer before 1.0 is released, so try it now while the big 60% Off Buy-it-in-Beta deal’s still on!

    Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions during the Beta period, you’ve helped make this a very stand-out and unique product! Now back to work on the new graphics…

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