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Final Stunning Phaser Beta version, 0.5.0, released!

Stunning Phaser 0.5.0
Stunning Phaser 0.5.0

Stunning Phaser Beta 0.5.0┬áis released, thus ending the Beta series. With it will also go the big 60% Off Buy-it-in-Beta offer, so now’s the time to try it. We don’t expect it to be available for a better price than this for quite some time.

Beta 0.5.0 adds MIDI Control Change support for the Center Frequency and LFO Rate controls. MIDI CC numbers are set globally in the Options Dialog (click the product name at the bottom) and depth of MIDI control is set on the front panel, per-patch/project. You can now use an expression pedal or any other MIDI controller to modulate the phaser like a wah-wah, and/or control the LFO Rate like the classic Univibe phaser’s pedal.

Stunning Phaser is now feature-complete. All controls, behaviors, and sound are now locked-down, allowing us to re-visit the graphics for a ground-up complete re-do (very clearly needed at this point, we had no idea just how big this product would grow when we started!) in preparation for the release of version 1.0. We’ll also be adding some preset patches and a user manual, but as far as sound and behavior goes, this is the final product. (Just like our other products, we do expect to continue to grow it and add more features, but we never break existing behaviors or sound once version 1.0 has been released so you never need to fear a future update changing the sound of one of your music projects.) Those tasks are already mostly complete and we don’t expect it will be much longer before 1.0 is released, so try it now while the big deal’s still on!

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions during the Beta period, you’ve helped make this a very stand-out and unique product!

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