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Admiral Quality 40% Off Plug-In Summer Sale Summer 40% Off Sale To Monday, June 24

Starting now, all our VST/AU plug-in products are 40% OFF until Monday, June 24! In addition, our newest plugin, Stunning Phaser is 60% Off until the release of version 1.0! (Soon!!!) And you can also save a further $20 by buying everything all together in our Make Me One With Everything Bundle!

Admiral Quality are a small, independent music plug-in developer dedicated to producing highly accurate, innovative and convincing software emulations of sounds produced and processed by vintage analog electronics. While we don’t attempt to exactly clone any particular classic products, we do take our inspiration from the most famous of them and blend the best features of vintage gear with unique and original interpretations that should have and – most importantly – could have existed in the classic era! In a field where so many products seem to sound so similar and offer the same old features, our products are truly unique stand-outs. Try them in your favorite Windows or OS X, VST and/or AU compatible DAW software, and you’ll see what we mean. And, unlike the big, corporate players in the plug-in industry, we’re here for you! We actually read and respond to our emails, promptly (we do occasionally sleep so allow us a few hours), and you’ll likely be corresponding with the Admiral himself – the creator of these products – not some intern who knows little to nothing about them. Customer or not, if you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

Our flagship product, the Poly-Ana VST/AU virtual-analog softsynth plug-in has to be heard to be believed. But you won’t just be impressed by its convincing analog emulation, but also by its incredibly capable voice architecture and modulation possibilities, including the ability to convert incoming audio sources into internal modulation signals and full MIDI MPE and Roli keyboard support! We also offer a “Lite” version, L’il Poly-Ana, for those who aren’t interested in full editing of the programs (but still includes all the live-performance controls you’ll likely need).

Our SCAMP VST/AU LFO and envelope-following filter effect plug-in is the younger, bigger brother to our free product, Naive LPF. You can lose yourself for hours applying SCAMP on anything from a single instrument part to entire song mixes!

And our latest offering, the Stunning Phaser VST/AU LFO and envelope following phaser effect plug-in is still 60% Off before the release of version 1.0! (Stunning Phaser is already version 1.x complete and bug-free, we just need to add the preset programs, so it won’t be long.) Stunning Phaser includes features you’ve never seen in a phaser before while precisely emulating an authentic, analog sound. From tasteful, classic UniVibe-like tones, to modern, space-laser madness, Stunning Phaser can do it all plus some SCAMP-inspired tricks you’ve likely never heard from a phaser before!

Here at the Admiralty we strongly believe in “Try-B4-Buy“. All of our products run as free demos with no time limits – you can even save and recall your work! So don’t wait, check them out now and see if you can live without them.

Please give them a spin ASAP, sale ends Monday, June 24. And as always, feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or need any help.


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Poly-Ana 1.4.0 VST/AU Released

Poly-Ana 1.3.4

Yes, it’s been a while! For the longest time now we’ve had no bugs to fix (how many software developers can say that?), but we’ve recently received a couple of reports and have taken care of them in the 1.4.0 Update.

Poly-Ana‘s more affordable but just as sound-capable little sister, L’il Poly-Ana, has also received the same fixes. If you haven’t taken Poly-Ana for a spin yet you owe it to yourself to try the most convincing analog synthesizer emulation going! She sports a huge, super-capable voice architecture in an intuitive, all-in-one-panel interface. You will immediately be reminded of the best features from the most famous synths of the classic analog era, plus a few you’ve likely never seen or heard before! And like all our products, Poly-Ana is free to try, no demo time limits, you can even save and recall your work – so download her and get going right now!

Expect this to be the first of several coming updates, the next will likely add a few new convenience features as well. And remember, our Upgrade Protection Policy means that your license will not only work with Poly-Ana 1.x, but with the entire 2.x series as well! View the Changelog history and you’ll see that we are serious about supporting our products and our customers in the long term.

Emanuele Ballasina, One Synth Challenge entry, 100% Poly-Ana – even the drums!

More Poly-Ana/L’il Poly-Ana demos…

Next up from the Admiralty, The Stunning Phaser 1.0 release is finished and ready for packaging! Grab it fast to catch the final days of the 60% OFF deal while still in Beta. (Note that the current 0.5.2 Beta version is version 1.0 and is fully functional and sounds AMAZING, it’s just lacking the presets that will be included in the upcoming 1.0 release.) Or check out our Make Me One With Everything bundle offer and save $20 while having it all!

Poly-Ana Custom Skins
Poly-Ana Custom Skins – choose your favorite or even make your own!
Maestro Mistheria demos the Poly-Ana virtual-analog VST/AU plugin softsynth. She’s even more capable now than she was back then!

As always, we welcome inquiries by email, so let us know if you have any questions or requests, and the Admiral himself will get right back to you!