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Poly-Ana and L'il Poly-Ana 1.21 - Features & Version History

  • VST 2.4 compatible with 32 or 64 bit audio processing (backwards compatible with older versions of VST too!)
  • Maximum 12 note polyphony featuring unison, voice detune and a unique poly-unison mode!
  • Three oscillators per voice!
  • Two filters per voice, 12/24 dB/Oct, LPF/HPF, can be run in parallel or in series allowing for additional multi-mode capability!
  • Filter Resonance Modulation. Rarely offered on other synths!
  • Stereo signal path throughout the voice. Poly-Ana produces dramatic stereo effects without using any tacked-on delay or chorus effects!
  • All voice parameters always visible and accessible with a single click!
  • GUI controls that work like the real-world items, like automatic knob detents and single-click toggles!
  • Unique modulation routing scheme! All the power of modular without the tedious complications of using patch cables or a modulation matrix. And all Poly-Ana mod destinations can be modulated at audio rates!
  • Waveform "morphing" creates smooth transitions between oscillator waveforms beyond simple cross-fading!
  • Waveform Mod automatically morphs oscillator waveforms!
  • PWM for ALL oscillator waveforms!
  • Oscillator PM (Phase Modulation) allows creation of "FM synthesis" type sounds, never heard before in an analog modeled design!
  • Noise Sync. Oscillators can sync to noise source as well as normal pitched tones!
  • Two LFOs per voice with retriggering! Allows separate phase for each voice's LFOs, creating echo-like modulation effects.
  • Full Host-Sync for LFOs with adjustable phase offset!
  • Three ADSR envelopes per voice with adjustable curves!
  • Two Modulation Mixers allow for complex combinations of modulation sources through Addition, Multiplication (ring modulation) a Sample and Hold, a Full/Half Wave Rectifier, and a Lag filter!
  • Unique, oversampled voice engine sounds more like real analog than any soft-synth you've heard yet!
  • Quality control lets you reduce Poly-Ana's CPU power requirements while recording performances.
  • MIDI CC# mapping of all controls with MIDI learn. Just right click any control to set it's CC.
  • Automatic MIDI guitar controller support for 6 channel control in MIDI "Mono" mode..
  • Cutoff knob smoothing, no more "zipper noise" when performing and automating filter sweeps from the front panel.
  • Cutoff and resonance gang buttons. Control both filters together, or separately.
  • Oscillator retriggering and starting-phase controls. Great for punchy basses and many other effects not possible on most traditional analog designs.
  • Analog Drift feature, oscillators and filters can be set anywhere from rock solid, to out-of-tune unstable.
  • GUI Options: User customizeable background .PNG files, optional tooltips, and an option to replace Mod Source dials with drop-down lists.
  • VST instrument AND VST effect versions! Effect version can process external audio and/or use external audio as a modulation source!
  • Built in bank of 128 sounds plus 2 additional user banks included and more to come on our site as users contribute them. We will never charge money for Poly-Ana patches!

1.30 Beta 0 2015-02-18

  • Stability bug that would intermittently cause voices to hang, particularly after changing programs while notes are playing should be fixed. Please let us know!
  • OSX: Incorrect double slash in Warning Dialog for configuration folder missing corrected. (Does not affect plugin behavior, just a fix to the confusing path that was displayed to the user in the warning message.)

1.21 2014-12-13

  • Custom backgrounds now working again on Windows and added to OSX. Custom backgroud files (Poly-AnaBG.png and LilPoly-AnaBG.png) go in the same folder as your license key file.
  • Fixed swapped positions on L’il Poly-Ana for bank: and prog: load buttons.

1.20 BETA 5 - 2014-11-09

  • L'il PolyAna has now joined the Beta and now uses the new keyfile based authentication system. (Existing L'il PolyAna owners, please contact us at to receive your new keyfile.)
  • Quality buttons failing to redraw correctly after changes in some hosts should be fixed. (Let us know please!)
  • Minor changes to the authentication system to support cohabitation with L'il PolyAna.

1.20 BETA 4 - 2014-10-05

  • OSX: More fixes to program and bank file load/save dialogs, they should work in all cases now and the duplicate extensions have been fixed. (Please note that some of our program (.pap) and bank (.pab) files in the Poly-Ana Patch Exchange are unzipping on the Mac with the executable file attribute mistakenly set. This prevents them from being able to be selected in the file load dialogs. When this is occurring you will see in Finder the file’s “Kind” listed as “Unix Executable File”. To fix this, you can use “chmod -x [filename]” in a Terminal window to remove the executable attribute directly.)
  • OSX: Program (.pap), bank (.pab) and MIDI-Map (.pam) save/load location now defaults to the ~/Library/Application Support/Admiral Quality/Poly-Ana folder, the same location as your key and settings files. (Note that you are still free to keep your program, bank and MIDI-Map files anywhere you’d like.)
  • More improvements to program and bank “chunk” save and recall behavior. Chunks of unexpected size are now recalled, using the minimum of the expected and received sizes.

1.20 BETA 3 2014-09-30

  • OSX: Fixed patch and program load/save buttons not working. (On OSX, now enforces .pap and .pab filename extensions on PolyAna program and bank files. Note that you may need to rename your existing program and bank files to include these extensions in order to load them.)
  • OSX: Fixed missing two-position toggle controls!
  • Program and MIDI-Map save now defaults filename to program name.
  • Program names are now prevented from having illegal filename characters.
  • Fixes to program and bank save and recall.
  • Fixed program name list overflowing on successive bank loading.

1.20 BETA 2 2014-08-25

  • Added Poly-AnaFX, the effect version that allows processing of and/or modulation from the audio inputs. OSX: In AU hosts, regular Poly-Ana will now show in your instrument list. Poly-AnaFX will appear as a “MIDI Enabled Effect” in your AU effects list.
  • Added authorization info to the Options Dialog/Splash Screen.
  • MIDI Program Change is now supported, and an option has been added to enable or disable it.
  • Fixed: Volume knob is now obeying Knob Mode option.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Hold feature. Held keys are now shown as depressed in Poly-Ana’s virtual keyboard. Poly-AnaFX has also added held keys to the two effect demo programs (001 and 002 in Poly-AnaFX). Held keys are particularly useful in the effect version for allowing sound to pass through the voice envelopes.
  • Sustain (damper) pedal MIDI control now changes state at value > 63 rather than value > 0 as before.
  • Fixed: MIDI-Learn box no longer leaving a mess behind when closed
  • IMPORTANT: Sorry, but we’ve had to change the location of Poly-Ana’s .key, .ini (configuration) and .pam (MIDI Map) files on OSX again. They are now under your user folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Admiral Quality/Poly-Ana/ You will need to create this folder manually, and if you have authorized Poly-Ana you will need to locate your key-file there. (We plan to eventually have this created automatically by an installer script.)
  • Fixed: OSX: User folders on disks other than the system disk should now be correctly detected. (Let us know, please!)
  • Fixed: “Bad chunk size” message is now shown in parameter display instead of a dialog box. And the cause of the bad chunk size message should be gone now. (Let us know, please!)
  • Fixed: Options Dialog was not appearing again if editor was closed while it was open.

1.20 BETA 1 2014-07-16

  • New keyfile based copyprotection system!
  • New support for x64 (64 bit) AU! (OSX VST and AU now contain both 32 and 64 bit executable in the same package.)
  • Internal processing is now always full 64 bit double precision in both 32 and 64 bit versions of the plugin, and whether connected to 32 or 64 bit audio paths. (Input and output samples are 64 bit on hosts that support 64 bit audio data.)
  • Hold button now saved/restored with program/host project.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: When hold button is down when the program or project is saved, the held keys are also saved in the program/project! We’re not entirely sure this is a good idea, but we’re going to try it. So let us know... 1. If it works. and 2. if it’s useful. We expect it will be most useful in PolyAnaFX (coming in a later 1.20 BETA release) for enabling audio passthrough without needing to sequence a key held down. (It may not always work however, as many hosts send MIDI “all notes off” on project load, as well as transport reset, which will instantly kill the held notes. Again, let us know what host you use and if it’s actually working and any use to you.) We are also aware that the held keys do not show on the virtual keyboard, when recalled. We’re working on that.
  • Windows: New x86 (32 bit) compiler optimizations. CPU use improvement of around 5%.
  • Quality setting changes no longer silence the currently playing voices. (Please torture test this for us!)
  • Fixed: Oscillator Phase controls not getting saved and recalled correctly
  • Fixed: Mod wheel not showing correct value when project first loaded
  • Fixed: Crash when program change while editor closed
  • Windows: Program select menu (click on the program number in the top left) is now in 4 columns for better fit. (Mac menus don’t support this but their scrolling behavior is at least a little faster.)
  • Fixed: Oscillator Octave switches were acting as continuous controls instead of switches under MIDI control
  • Fixed: "Coming soon" showing in Filter IN1 and IN2 button display and tooltip. Instrument version now shows which MIDI channel it is notetracking(set in Options Dialog) when activated.
  • Cycle Assign display label is now “voice” instead of redundant “assign”

1.191 - 2011-03-20

  • Fixed crash when program changed while editor is closed.

1.19 - 2010-07-08

  • Fixed a bug causing a small jump in position when knobs were first clicked on, affecting knobs with detents in linear and relative circular modes.
  • Added mod wheel smoothing, certain MIDI controllers that produce relatively sparse event streams that created “zipper noise” now sound smooth.
  • OSX: Background image can now be changed for both VST and AU version by placing 1000x750 PNG file Poly-AnaBG.png in \Library\Application Support\Admiral Quality (for LilPoly-Ana use a 409x224 PNG file named LilPoly-AnaBG.png)

1.18 - 2010-05-25

  • Now using Symbiosis AU wrapper for OSX, VST file installation no longer required
  • Fixed bug, Osc 3 internal sync setting being copied from Osc 2 after suspend/resume called while GUI continued to show correct program setting. Happened at record or render time (depending on host behavior), after bypassing, and when Quality setting was changed.
  • Stability and other minor bug fixes including Ableton crash on OSX.

1.17 - 2010-02-18

  • Now supporting Mac OSX Audio Units and VST!
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Stability bug at highest quality setting fixed
  • Added (serial #) Copy and (license key) Paste buttons to Authentication controls

1.16 - 2009-11-17

  • Fixed host crash when deleting plug-in instance when mod sources as dropdown lists is enabled.

1.15 - 2009-11-05

  • New platform support for Windows x64 VST and OSX VST.
  • Splashscreen replaced by new cross-platform Options Dialog. Click product name to activate.
  • Clicks in Cakewalk Sonar while working editor controls may be fixed (let us know please).
  • By popular demand: Faster editor loads after first time!
  • Silent gap demo mode only now on all platforms. Demo never expires! Nag

1.14 - 2008-11-25

  • Yet another evaluation reset! Enjoy a free, week long, fully functional evaluation period, even if you've tried it before in the past.
  • New demo mode, activates after free evaluation week expires, product still works but with occasional gaps in the output and native patch saving is disabled.
  • Added new version L'il Poly-Ana, a preset player with all performance related controls left on, as well as filter cutoff and resonance controls.
  • Poly-Ana owners already own L'il Poly-Ana. But L'il Poly-Ana can be purchased alone for a discounted price. See our website for details.
  • Custom background images are supported in L'il Poly-Ana. Place a 409 x 224 PNG file named LilPoly-AnaBG.png in same folder with LilPoly-Ana.dll
  • Small bug fixes and some very slight performance improvements.
1.13 - 2008-07-03

  • Restored the upper cutoff limit on the filters, prevents a sudden jump in volume at higher cutoff frequencies (well above Nyquist).  This will fix any programs that may have sounded different in version 1.12.
  • Fixed crash problem when closing editor in certain poorly behaved hosts.

1.12 - 2008-06-27

  • Yet another evaluation reset!
  • Receptor compatible.
  • New SSE2 optimizations have reduced CPU usage to as little as 75% of version 1.00 on some platforms.
  • Fixed bug in polyphonic mode where stolen voices weren't retriggering.
  • Fixed some stability bugs in the editor.
  • Added program name edit field, program select dropdown menu (click the program number), and program increment/decrement buttons to top of editor. Authorization controls have moved above keyboard and the "Auth" button has been removed. Simply hit "enter" or select any other control to confirm your key entry.
  • Removed limit from high end of filter cutoff range. This allows the HPF mode to completely cut all sound now, rather than always letting some highs pass through as before. (Restored to original behavior in 1.13)
  • Voices in release stage now show in voice display. Changed behavior: Incoming MIDI no longer turned to automation events. Didn't prove useful as a feature and can cause conflicts in some cases.
  • Fixed bug when handling "duplicate timestamped" MIDI events of the same type. In this case the last received duplicate event will be used now. Fixes pitch bend and modulation errors from some host/controller combinations.
  • Fixed a long standing bug relating to oscillator sync that was causing Poly-Ana to get "sick" under certain, rare conditions. (Hosts that make random patches were very good at casing this.) Poly-Ana should no longer have "poison patches".
  • Fixed another oscillator sync related bug where sync was internally turned off after bypassing/resuming even though editor panel still showed the correct setting.
  • Changed the method Poly-Ana uses to find its .dll location, may help users who were having trouble loading the custom background Poly-AnaBG.png

1.11 - 2008-03-11 

  • Fixed bug in unison legato-portamento (auto-glide) behavior.
  • Corrected Filter1's CFM/RM parameter display text.
  • Fixed crashing in hosts that try to set program names longer than the 24 characters.
  • Vista users will find they have new serial numbers.  Please email with your new serial and we'll issue you a new key.

1.10 - 2008-02-26 

  • Fixed new Osc Phase knobs not showing motion when driven from MIDI CC.
  • New default soundbank. Original ver 1.0 soundbank also included as well as banks by Coktor, Cosmus and Construkx. 
  • Fixed Analog Drift wasting CPU power on silent voices.
  • Hotlink to website now launches buy page with product serial number automatically filled out.
  • Evaluation period set back to 1 week.
  • Fixed program name updating problem on some hosts.
  • Fixed quality setting not displaying on editor open.
  • Quality setting is now stored in patch (.pap) and bank (.pab) files.
  • Quality tooltip added.
  • Fixed recalled program names being truncated one character short of maximum.
  • Fixed Poly-AnaFX inputs not connected as modulation sources (this bug appeared in 1.1RC0).
  • Evaluation reset! Try her again for a free week… fully functioning! 

1.10 RC3 - 2008-02-07

  • User customizeable backgrounds in .PNG format.  Just place a 1000x750 file named Poly-AnaBG.png in the same directory as Poly-Ana.dll
  • Hold/damper button to right of keyboard now saved in patch.
  • Cutoff knob smoothing added, should eliminate "zipper noise" when performing cutoff knob automations.
  • Fixes in editor, might solve some stability issues.
  • Optimized filter code resulting in a slight performance improvement
  • Added Program Name edit field above the keyboard.
  • Pitchbend smoothing is no longer an option, always on now.  Compensated for varying host sample rates.
  • Fixed PWM amount acting as zero until Amount knob was adjusted following switch from PM to PWM modes.
  • Fixed Mod Source Drop-downs showing wrong values for Env-3 and Mix-1.

1.10 RC2- 2008-01-24 

  • Fixed Amp PM/Am switch and click filter switch not being saved correctly in .pap and .pab files
  • Fixed clicking in legato triggered unison sounds caused by Amp anti-click filters when legato trigger set to on
  • Adjusted Amp anti-click filters cutoff and resetting behavior
  • Fixed bug with internal Osc phase offsets resetting to zero after a quality change
  • Osc retriggering on legato played note-ons with legato trigger behavior checked.  Note that clicks WILL happen on unison sounds when oscs are set to retrigger and legato trigger is off.  This is normal and a result of the new feature.  Either enable legato triggering or turn off the Osc retriggers to eliminate the click.

1.10 RC1 - 2008-01-17

  • Fixed problem with mod source selections not restoring correctly on some patches.

1.10 RC0 - 2008-01-14 

  • VST 2.4 compatible
  • Filter Cutoff and Resonance Gang buttons.  Filter 2 can follow Filter 1's CF and Resonance controls.
  • Oscillator Phase Retrigger buttons.  (For a demo try turning on all 3 on the "Default Synth Brass" patch.)
  • Oscillator Phase Offset knob.  Used to control starting phase of retriggered waveform.  Also note the FM effect on the oscillator when knob is being moved.
  • Oscillator PWM Source and Amount controls now share double duty with new PM (Phase Mod) controls.  This opens up the world of "FM Synthesis" to Poly-Ana, but controlled in the familiar, classic analog style.
  • Quality control has moved to front panel and is now automatically adaptive to different project sample rates.  The default 192 setting is the same as the old default of 4X at 44.1kHz or 48kHz.  Note that while you can select, save and recall settings below your project sample rate, Poly-Ana can't actually render audio below the host's project sample rate.
  • Analog drift knob.  Randomly detunes the oscillator pitches and filter cutoffs over time.
  • Saturation button.  A "smooth" saturator.  Limits Poly-Ana's output to max at 0 dB.  Not recommended as a substitute for a real mastering compressor, but can be used as a hard clipping effect (see the "MDK Kick" preset).
  • DC Cut button.
  • Pink Noise available now as well as White.
  • Amplifier Pan Modulations now share double duty with new Amplitude Modulation.
  • Anti-click filter button added to Amplifiers.
  • Added 3 way rectifier switch to Mod Mixers.  Adds Fullwave or Halfwave Rectification between the S&H and the Lag filter.
  • FX version no longer rectifies the IN-1 and IN-2 audio input modulation sources.  You can use the new rectifier in the mod mixers to create this effect now, or use the full positive to negative range of the input waveform.
  • Fixed bug involving pitchbend initialization across multiple MIDI channels.
  • Fixed a voice assignment bug in PUNI mode.
  • Fixed problem with optional Mod Source dropdowns not matching dials on some settings.
  • Fixed bug in MIDI polyphonic pressure messages, poly-pressure now works as it should.

1.00 - 2007-04-02

  • Evaluation Reset! If you already tried it in Beta you can try it again for another free week!
  • Rearranged presets and added 58 new, for a complete bank of 128 presets. More soundbanks will be made available soon on our site, FREE!
  • Changed Auth box text prompt
  • Fixed program name not updating on host when program or bank loaded
  • Fixed .pap and .pab program loading problems with patches saved from non-compliant hosts with >24 character names
  • Moved Auth dialog into resume function to prevent crashes, hung audio drivers, when loading projects in some hosts while Poly-Ana is unauthorized
  • Added file overwrite confirmation to program and bank file save dialogs
  • Fixed "short circuit" bug between Env2->Env3

0.91 - 2007-03-02

  • Legato triggering of unison sounds now maintains original note velocity. Eliminates clicks in patches like Bassmaster when played legato with varying velocity. Polyphonic sounds and/or sounds without Legato Trigger on will not be affected by this change.
  • Added pitchbend smoothing and option to disable.

0.90 - 2007-02-16

  • Poly-Ana is now a VSTi synthesizer (Poly-Ana.dll) and a VSTfx effect (Poly-AnaFX.dll).
  • Fixed processor compatibility bug.
  • Added hold (damper) button to GUI, right of keyboard.
  • VSTi version: INPUT-1 and INPUT-2 buttons on the filters now add tracking of monophonic keyboard performances on 2 extra MIDI channels.
  • Fixed buzzing sound from resonant filters in -12dB/Oct mode when cutoff raised too high.
  • Playing the GUI keyboard now sends velocity to MIDI output.
  • Fixed compatibility issues on some CPUs.
  • Added more presets

0.40 - 2007-01-12

  • More performance optimizations. CPU load reduced to approximately 50% of version 0.10.
  • Support for MIDI guitar control in "Mono" mode over 6 MIDI channels.
  • Fixed bug in Envelope 3.
  • Fixed Quality and MIDI CC settings not being recalled with program/project.
  • Fixed MIDI CC dropdown height.

0.30 - 2006-11-28

  • Significant performance optimizations. CPU load reduced by 25% - 35% from version 0.10.
  • Stability bugs FIXED? Test please...
  • Fixed click from envelope retriggering during Release stage when "Vel Level" was non-zero.
  • Damper pedal was inverted. Fixed!
  • Polyphony knob always showing 6 on editor open fixed.
  • LFO 2 Rate knob always showing zero on editor open fixed.
  • Oscillator Semitone knob was missing value +23. Fixed!
  • Added MIDI CC# map to program data. Right-click controls to set MIDI CC#s.
  • Added save/load of default MIDI CC# map as well as to .pam (Poly-Ana MIDI Map) files.
  • Programs and banks now saved as "chunks" by host. Note that .fxp and .fxb files from older version of Poly-Ana should still load in most hosts.
  • Expanded Poly-Ana program file format, replaced .polyana with .pap (Poly-Ana program) and .pab (Poly-Ana bank) files. Old .polyana files from previous versions WILL still load.
  • Implemented MIDI "all notes off" and "all sound off" controllers.
  • Prevented opening of more than one file open/save dialog at a time.

0.23 - 2006-11-03

  • Quality setting was accidentally inverted at version 0.20. Fixed!
  • Crash when Polyphony set to 12 voices fixed.

0.22 - 2006-11-02

  • Limited parameters to safe range, fixed value going negative problem when in linear knob mode.
  • Fixed linear knob mode stopping when turned counter clockwise for knobs with 360 degree ranges
  • Fixed wrong value displayed for Envelope 3 Decay (did not affect sound).
  • Fixed voice assigner problems with 1 voice polyphony. Setting Polyphony to 1 voice now forces Unison mode.
  • Completed Relative Circular knob mode. Switch knobs between Circular and Relative Circular by pressing SHIFT before clicking on the control.
  • Added option to force knob mode to Circular, Relative Circular, Linear or to use the host's preference.

0.21 - 2006-10-25 Oops!

  • Fixed a bug in the new dropdown list mod selectors that was making some values appear to be off by one.

0.20 - 2006-10-25 New GUI Options! GUI features image...

  • Added ability to change background color scheme by placing PolyAna_BG.aqi file in the same folder as the Poly-Ana.dll.
  • Added option to replace Modulation Source selector dials with drop-down listboxes.
  • Added option to display tooltips. Tooltips can either appear over the control they are describing, or follow the mouse pointer.
  • Used longer, more descriptive parameter names in the Parameter Display
  • Fixed Volume Parameter Display.
  • Velocity added to mouse-driven virtual keyboard. Click lower on the keys to make higher velocities.
  • Removed the adaptive limiting of oversampling at higher sample rates. Who needs limits?
  • Authorization controls now disappear without requiring reloading of the GUI.

0.11 - 2006-10-17

  • - Fixed crashing of host/ASIO when interface was opened while notes playing. Added presets from MDK.

0.10 - 2006-10-10

  • - Original Beta release.

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