10 Years of Admiral Quality! 2005 to 2015!


Founded in 2005, Admiral Quality are a Toronto based developer of top-of-the-line music-making instrument, effect and utility plug-in software for Digital Audio Workstations and a provider of custom solutions for your digital media applications.

Our specialty is highly accurate, innovative and convincing software emulations of sounds produced and processed by vintage analog electronics. While we don’t attempt to exactly clone any classic products, we do take our inspiration from them and blend the best features from famous vintage gear with unique and original ideas that should have and could have existed in the classic era.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do you collect on your customers and how do you keep it secure?
    We don’t collect any information about our customers other than your name (which can be fake) and your email address that we get from PayPal. Any other information you provide in your PayPal transaction is visible only to PayPal, not to us. We don’t want it because, (a) we’re not interested and, (b) we don’t want to be responsible for securing it. PayPal are a multi-billion dollar corporation and certainly have the capacity to secure your information in ways that we could never offer, and are under sufficient scrutiny that if there were security concerns with using their service, you’d hear about them. On the other hand, nobody should ever trust a small business site like ours with their financial information, that’s why we send you to PayPal’s secure site before any sensitive personal or financial information is requested from you, and that none of that information is returned to us (other than your name and email address, which is all we need to create your license-key). PayPal also provide a layer of protection both ways between seller and buyer. Feel free to contact us at info@admiralquality.com if you have any further concerns.

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  • Do you offer student pricing?
    Not exactly, but we like to think our products are already at their “student price”, which we offer to everyone.

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  • I want to re-sell my copy of your software. Are license transfers supported?
    No, sorry. This is for several reasons, the main one being that there’s no way to know the original owner has removed the software from their system (the only way we can think of to allow that would be if we used a hardware dongle based copy protection system, something we really don’t want to do). Another reason is the customer support we offer, if a license is re-sold we would be faced with additional work supporting the new user, which we don’t get paid for. Finally, it’s very important to us that there only be one price for our products, and only one place where you can go to purchase them (here), we don’t want our customers becoming our competition. Please note that we do take this policy into account when calculating our products’ prices.

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  • I’m interested in buying one of your products, but I’m afraid the next version will come out soon and I’ll have to pay for an upgrade.
    No worries! Admiral Quality now has a new Upgrade Protection Policy (which applies to all our existing licence holders as well as our new customers). When you purchase a license for any of our products, your licence not only covers the current major version number, but also the next major version number as well, so it’s always the right time to buy. And our major version numbers, so far, have lasted for a very long time (with frequent, free updates within that major version). After 10 years in business we’re still on version 1.x of all our products! That’s not because they haven’t been maintained and updated (just take a look at how much Poly-Ana has grown over the years). Rather, it’s because we’re not interested in charging our existing customers again for upgrades. We’re much more interested in reaching new customers and a big part of that is keeping our existing licensees satisfied and without regrets over their purchases.

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  • Where can I learn more about the Admiral Quality story?
    Wusik magazine did an interview with the Admiral where he tells the whole story. The interview, along with a review of Poly-Ana, can be found here.