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Download : Naive LPF 0.6.0 5.52 MBSystem Requirements:
Windows 2000 or XP, VST Host program
P4 with 533 MHz or faster FSB and memory.

Naive LPF is a resonant low/high-pass filter plug-in VST effect for Windows with a very convincing, classic sound. Naive LPF features a separate envelope follower for each of 6 channels and full automation, MIDI CC and even joystick control of all parameters.

This filter has been developed to closely model the way some real world analog circuits work, as opposed to some other techniques which, while well adapted to the math processing power of a computer, just don't seem to render the same organic feel. Not to say that those techniques aren't just as valid in some applications, but this particular effect was designed to provide "analog feel" at the expense of a bit more processing power. This was not intended to be a "clean" or "transparent" filter by any means. Really, at this point in its development it should be called the "Not-So-Naive LPF" because it's actually quite a sophisticated and useful implementation.

The filter plug-in that started it all, Naive LPF is one of Admiral Quality's technology test-beds. When we want to try something new we add it to Naive, and we give it away for free to ensure we're getting thousands of testers. So far, so good -- we get a lot of fan mail about this one!

Naive LPF features the same high quality sound as its big brother SCAMP, but with fewer features. If you like Naive, you'll want to look at SCAMP too!