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Admiral Quality News Updates

  • Stunning Phaser Beta 0.4.0 Released! (4/20/2018)
    Stunning Phaser Beta 0.4.0
    Stunning Phaser Beta 0.4.0

    Stunning Phaser Beta 0.4.0 is out! Lots of tweaked and improved behaviors in this update and one big new control added; a Quality knob to control internal oversampling rate! Settings of 1X, 2X, 4X (the previously hard-wired setting), as well as ludicrously high 8X and 16X multiples of your host project’s sample rate can now be set to control trade-off between sound quality and CPU load. We’ve also added two new settings to the Stages control — 2 and 3 stages — and a negative range on the Resonance control. (Negative feedback sounds a little weird, but who are we to stop you from going there if you want to? We believe in enabling our users, not limiting them!)

    Please note, depending on how testing of this update goes, 0.4.0 could quite possibly be the last update in the Stunning Phaser Beta Series, so you’ll want to act soon to catch the big 60% OFF the regular price ($39.95) Buy-it-in-Beta deal of only $15.98.

    In other news, the new website is now well tested, working well, and we’ve got almost all of the old pages moved over into the new system. (With the exception of the Poly-Ana Patch Exchange which has been due a face-lift since Day #1 anyway. We hope to get to that soon but it’s still there, as ugly yet functional as ever.)

    All of our other plug-ins are on 35% OFF offer for a limited time. As well, we’re offering an additional 15% OFF if you take advantage of our Bundle Deal and buy everything at once!


  • Is this thing on? (4/8/2018)

    By popular demand, a new website that doesn’t look like it’s from 1998! Still does the exact same things though, describes our products, lets you download them and try them yourself and, we hope, purchase them. We should be able to start incorporating some user feedback into this new format though, and we’ll probably also be establishing a subscriber list to help keep you informed of news and updates via email (still a work in progress there, you’re currently not missing anything if you don’t sign-up for an account, but feel free to if you’d like).

    You may find you’re redirected to some sections of the old site for the next little while as well, as we continue to phase this new one in. We’re not expecting any issues (other than maybe some navigational dead-ends) but please send us an email and let us know if you run into anything serious. We actually read and respond to every email we receive, often within just a few minutes, just about always within 24 hours.