Download : L'il Poly-Ana 1.31 OS X AU and VST (32 and 64 bit). 22.5 MB
Download : L'il Poly-Ana 1.31 Windows VST (32 and 64 bit). 18.5 MB
Read : Poly-Ana (inc. L'il Poly-Ana) Features and Changes list.

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System Requirements:
Windows Vista or higher. SSE2 compatible CPU (P4 and above). Mac OS X 10.5.x or higher. VST or AU host software.

L'il Poly-Ana is the new preset-player version of our flagship Poly-Ana analog model synthesizer plug-in. L'il has all of regular Poly-Ana's sound features and capabilities, only the ability to design new patches has been restricted. But we've left in every performance related control. The entire simulation control section as well, including Quality (CPU), Anti-Aliasing, Saturator and our phenomenal new Analog Drift feature. And we even threw in the cutoff and resonance controls for both filters -- the most popular controls for live voice tweaking! L'il Poly-Ana comes as VST instrument-only, without the effect version of the plug-in as included in the full version of Poly-Ana.

We designed L'il Poly-Ana for those who aren't interested in creating their own sound patches (programs) or who wouldn't know what to do with all those voice controls anyway. And even for existing Poly-Ana owners, sometimes you'll just want to recall a favorite patch and would like to save some screen real-estate. L'il Poly is perfect for these situations. To your host software, L'il Poly appears, and functions, just like the regular version of Poly-Ana. All of Poly-Ana's advanced features are still in there, like automatic MIDI guitar controller support and the easiest MIDI-learn in the industry -- just right-click a control! License keys for the full version of Poly-Ana will unlock L'il Poly-Ana as well, so Poly-Ana owners get L'il for free! License keys that work only with L'il Poly-Ana are available for a price of regular $95.95 $47.98 USD USD during 1.20 BETA.

And what if you purchase L'il Poly-Ana then later decide you'd like to upgrade to the full version? No problem, we'll upgrade you for the difference in current, full prices, plus a $10 fee. Just contact directly to arrange your upgrade payment.

"There are a lot of VAs out there but Admiral Quality's has the advantage of offering stellar quality at a reasonable price. If you love your analogues, it would be a crime not to experience what it has to offer." - CM Mag.
Read the complete CM mag review of L'il Poly's big sister, Poly-Ana...

Computer Music magazine Performance Award winner, July 2007 issue. Review verdict: 9/10

Download Poly-Ana demo MP3s

Note that L'il Poly-Ana generates the EXACT same sound as regular Poly-Ana, so all Poly-Ana demo songs are L'il Poly-Ana demos too.

"Release Me"
320 kpbs MP3. 7.93 MB

Thanks to Phatso Brown for this new L'il Poly-Ana demo. Excepting the drums, a little added echo, and some limiting, that's 100% straight-up L'il Poly-Ana.

Poly-Ana Features...

Check out Poly-Ana's features for a list of what's unique about the Poly-Ana voice architecture. L'il Poly-Ana has each and every sound function that her big sister has.

Custom Poly-Ana and L'il Poly-Ana Backgrounds...

New! L'il Poly-Ana now supports Custom Background images just like the full version.

Poly-Ana Patch Exchange...

At Admiral Quality sound patches and banks are always free, we'll never charge for a sound! Download new sounds for L'il Poly-Ana here.